The end of February is approaching, and quite interesting promotions appeared on the casino pages. We'll look at the most interesting of them so that you can decide what to play this coming weekend. It is worth knowing that all casinos in our article are available to Australian players. This means that everyone can register in them and use virtually any casino offer. Together with us, follow the interesting bonuses from the world of gambling, and you will see that you have a chance to get really Interesting promotions!

Unibet and several proposals at the end of February and the beginning of March

To start with, we will start from today, i.e. from Friday. Just like every Friday, you can get completely free spins in Unibet. Remember, however, that they are only available for Jumanji. So what do you have to do? Open the Jumanji game and then you will see you near Fortuna. Tie it and you will see what number you drew. It should be from 3 to 20 free spins that you will enjoy tomorrow.

In turn, if you want to play a new game that will also help you win extra money, play in Extremelyn. This is the main slot of the interesting Tournament Lottery Łupów. Spend AUD 100 in the game and you will get 2 vouchers for a lottery. You can also play other slots, but in this case you will only get 1 coupon for spending AUD 100 in the game. This promotion lasts until March 5, and the prize pool is up to AUD 50,000. Spend, get coupons and win up to AUD 12,500 (for getting the best coupon). As many as 250 people were guaranteed, so use.

By the way, you can also take part in another tournament organized by Unibet, and this is an exclusive tournament. It consists in the fact that you have to play slots that have been chosen by the casino and then turn as much money as possible. A person wins with the greatest result. Players located below in the table will also be awarded, there is a place for 100 people. You will win up to AUD 50,000 for the first place, so don't waste time, because the promotion ends on March 1.

Vulkan Vegas joins its forces with Gameart

As you know, many of the slots in Volcano vegas It comes from the well -known manufacturer Gameart. Both companies decided to join their forces and create a very interesting tournament. It has quite classic rules, the game is that the player can only choose slots ordered by the casino, in this case only by one supplier, i.e. Gameart.

There are as many as 16 games, and some of them are Book of Oziris, Caligula, Battle for Cosmos, Dragon Whisperer, Queen of the Seas, Wolf Hunt, Royal Gems, Wild Dolphin, Lady Luck, Battle for Atlantis, Chili Quest And a few more. These slots are really interesting. Your task is to win as many money as possible from these slots, and each won of the euro is an additional 60 points on your player's account. The prize pool is 4,000 euros, and the main winner will get up to 700 euros. There are as many as 20 places to fill, so there is a good chance that you will find yourself among the winners. You have two more days to play, so don't lose a minute longer!

Omni Slots is preparing a prize due to the leap year

Omni Slots is a casino that has decided to celebrate the fact that this year we have one day more than the last three years. For this reason, Only on February 29, 2020, you can deposit your deposit with a minimum value of EUR 10, and it will be increased by exactly 29%! The maximum sum of the deposit can be 250 euros. Instead of depositing money on a normal day, pay it on February 29, and you will get a lot of amount for free.

Casino euro and free spins

Every Friday Euro casino He prepares something amazing for his players. You can get completely free spins for one of the most popular games in the world, i.e. Book of Dead. What do you have to do to get them. At night, between 23:00 and 2:00, send a deposit. It should be AUD 200. Immediately after payment, you get access to 30 free spins, which you can also pick up immediately. Remember, however, that each spin must be AUD 2.

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