When it gets autumn outside, the weather is not good and it is better to just stay home, after all you have time for your home hobby, for example for gambling. At this time, some online casinos are really trying to satisfy all customers and try to become creative to ensure entertainment to their players. That is why On the pages of popular online casinos You will see a lot of tournaments and additional events, thanks to which you can make your free time more attractive and additionally get a little more cash. Below we would like to tell about the few best tournaments of recent days, of which it is really worth trying. You will find here all the details about them.

Countdown until the end of summer in Casino Euro

Euro casino You do not need to be specially introduced, because it is one of the most famous online casinos in Australia and more. Its popularity is also based on the fact that it is a site where you can find a lot of events that appear very regularly. Players can always do what new. This time Casino Euro invites you to countdown by the end of summer. This promotion has already begun in mid-September And it will last for some time. It is not yet known, and this is because of the special type of this event, about which we will write a little more.

The countdown in the end of summer is about winning jubilee spins. People who get spins will also be able to boast of a high reward on their account. The operation of this tournament is simple, and in addition you can also count on high winnings. Go to the Casino websiteto learn more details on this topic. We can only say that For a 9 million spin you will get AUD 8,000 in cash, and if you manage to find a final spin, in which a 10 million spin counts, you will get up to AUD 16,000y. I must admit that such awards are worth time, and you really don't do anything else, you just play in Favorite gambling games.

Tournament in honor of Oktoberfest

Okktoberfest, a popular beer festival, is fast approaching. Unfortunately, this year the holiday will not take place, but you can celebrate your laptops in front of the screens. This is quite an attractive offer, because you do not have to move from the place to be able to take part in such an event. The online casino series has decided to launch a special Oktoberfest tournament.

Remember that this is not the only one Internet casino for moneyin which you can sign up for it, which is very comfortable.

The player's task is to play games related to Oktoberfest, and these are, for example, Spinning Beers, Lucky Oktoberfest, October Spin Fest and a couple others. The game is that for every 1 euro placed, the player gets one point. It is known that the player who collects the largest number of points wins. So try, put plants, and maybe get up to you up to 600 euros. The next places are not badly paid, so even if you fail to win the main prize, you can still gain it. You have time until October 4, so don't lose this time, just get on winning.

Omni Slots Weekend Royals

If you have a free next weekend and an account in Omni Slots, it is worth taking part in a new tournament called Weekend Royals. You can get the whole kingdom in the inheritance, so don't lose a moment, fight to the very end. Omni Slots gives players a lot of freedom, that's why you can play any casino slots. The only thing that counts in this tournament is what amount you can turn. The greater the amount, the better the rewards you will get. 10 players will be awarded and exactly 1 260 euros will be divided between them. Try to get the highest amount of turnover, and this award will be guaranteed.

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