Questions about money, and in particular big money, always arouse curiosity and interest among recipients. The same is true for online casinos, questions about how the casinos earn all the mass. On the one hand, casinos give free cash in the form of bonuses or other gratifications among players and on the other they generate huge capital profits.

What really casino operators generate the greatest cash, and what we can consider as a mere myth. We will try to answer these and other questions in this text.

Free bonuses and promotions - are they really free?

When deciding to play in a casino, we can almost always use attractive welcome bonuses. At first glance, it may seem pointless from the casino point of view, but is it really? The function of all kinds of bonuses offered by the casino is simple, their goal is to bring players to the platform and to set up a player account. What seems free is in fact not.

Casinos treat bonus offers as successful marketing campaigns, successful, because in reality their cost is low, and new players record accounts on the platform. In addition, all bonuses are subject to trading conditions that the player must realize to be able to apply for payment. In practice, the small percentage of players manages to implement the conditions set by the casino, so the money returns very quickly to the casino account. What's more, emotions make players decide on further payments, making more and more cash go to the operator.

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Commission in casino games

Some of the games such as poker contain an additional commission (Rake), which is downloaded before each hand. These types of solutions are always used when the casino does not participate in the game, but is something like the organizer, charging an additional fee from the betting or each round played.

RTP coefficient or casino advantage

No matter what casino game we choose, each of them has a built -in casino advantage determined by the RTP coefficient. In most cases, this ratio has a value from 1% to 7%. It describes the amount that the game pays to players in the long run, it is usually expressed as a percentage. For example, if the machine we choose has a RTP worth 95%, it means that in the perspective of time it will give us 95 AUD for each placed 100 AUD. However, it should be remembered that these values are determined on the basis of a huge amount of turnover or rounds. It happens that playing much shorter, players reach spectacular wins that go beyond significant RTP factor.

Games with progressive jackpot and lotteries

Vending machines with progressive jackpot They are loved by players, offering millions of awards. Everyone who is interested in gambling has certainly seen huge prizes that paid machines such as, such as Mega Moungah In the form of about 13 million pounds one of the players from England.

So how do casinos earn on such games? It is very simple, as in the case of bonuses, games with large pools of prizes act like a magnet, attracting many players who also want to see millions on their account. Progressive jackpot works in a very simple way, adding a specific percentage of payments to each player who participate in the game. It works on a snowball basis, more and more driving the entire machine. As a result, many players blindly make more deposits and lose their money, supplying the casino budget.

Emotions, emotions and emotions again

Casinos are emotions and in fact it is emotions that generate the greatest earnings for every casino. Algorithms are constructed in such a way that this casino always earns, the player has no chance in the long run. Potential millions, a vision of a better life, all this works subliminally on every person, and casinos only drive it, encouraging to register accounts and pay more money.

When deciding to play in a casino, remember all the tricks that casinos use to sleep the player's vigilance. Always try to approach the game with a cool head and set the upper limit of money that you can lose.

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