Blackjack has been a game known to Poles for many years. Players are happy to sit at the tables and accept the challenge of the game. Unfortunately, the game often ends in the player's failure. It turns out that getting to know general rules is not enough to win. Some people think that in this case happiness is enough and this is true, but not quite. What counts is happiness, knowledge of the rules, but tricks and some kind of shortcuts that can really help in winning are equally important.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to several such tricks. Thanks to them, during the next game you will be able to feel confident and they can also help you win. So prepare the cards and follow this short guide with us.

A trick that can save your game

Many people trust their happiness too much. That is why, when the value of your cards comes to 18, you choose the card. However, know that there is 80% chance that you will lose this move. There are very little chances that the next card you choose will have two or 3. In this case it is best to fold and not choose any more cards. It also often turns out that 18 is a number that is nearest 21, so it is possible that this round will belong to you. Instead of empty risk, you can get much more than you think.

Insurance - not worth it

As you certainly know, you can choose the insurance option in Blackjack. In this case you will not lose, but you will win much less than you would get normally. We know from experience that if you understand all the rules well blackjacka And you do not risk in the wrong moments, you do not have to use insurance, which only unnecessarily will take from you half of the legitimate win. So avoid this option and let other players use it. You will quickly see that you will finally come out. You only need insurance when you play really risky, and we don't recommend it at the beginning of your career.

Use cards counting

Some players do not speak too favorably about counting cards. They think it looks quite unprofessional and shouldn't be done. However, we think differently. Counting cards can help, especially for beginner players. All you have to do is watch closely what cards currently have a crunch and what you have. Then it is enough to easily calculate the probability of what cards are still at the waist. Thus, you can avoid choosing too high a card when you already have high accumulation in your hand. It is better not to use this method at a stationary casino, but no one will force you to stop counting on the Internet. Studies show that thanks to counting the casino advantage will decrease to 4%, so it's worth creating this habit and enjoying winning.

Try different strategies

Just like other table games, Blackjack has its own strategies. There are a lot of them, you can spend a few days only to get to know all the strategies of this game. However, it is worth having such knowledge to then use it in practice. The strategies were created to help the player develop a system that will give him victory. We cannot say that all strategies work and you will win 100%. Unfortunately, this does not work this way, but knowledge of the strategy can help you in thorough to know the game and develop your own system, which can be the most accurate. Drive, train a lot, and then don't be afraid to combine, change or transform strategies, you will certainly do it for good.

Do not make beginners' mistakes

If you are a beginner gambler, you can tend to make simple mistakes that beginners are exposed to. You can avoid them by being aware. One of the more serious mistakes is only lucky. Cases of such wins happen, but are very rare, so it's better to prepare for the game. Many beginners also put too much rates, which makes them quite a lot of money. Another problem is to be subject to the pressure of the game. You don't have to decide quickly, what movement to make, no one has the right to rush you. Think calmly and then decide what to do. As a result, you can save a lot of stress, and most importantly, money.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help all beginners who do not know where to start. We put a special one Description of all popular Blackjack strategies, so that you know how to behave during the game and what you can do in a given situation and what the consequences will be. Read our other article where you will meet Blackjacka varieties. We are sure that thanks to this many people will become better players.

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