There are more and more stationary casinos on the market and casinos online And for a reason. It turns out that this is a really good business idea because it is beneficial to the owner. Of course, it happens that some casinos go bankrupt and disappear, but the vast majority of shrines and pages of this type hold well as long as there are willing players to use it. The strength of the casino lies in the playersBecause it is known for a long time that the casino has an advantage over them and unfortunately it is more often losted than he wins. Below we would like to explain what is this advantage And what exactly is manifested in. We invite you to read.

Principles prevailing in a given casino

If you are an experienced player, you certainly know that the rules of the game themselves put the casino above the player and give him an advantage. Just look at slots and their solvency. No slot has 100%solvency, because it would be unprofitable for casino owners and game producers. Usually it is about 96% RTP, so the casino has an advantage of about 4% in this case.

This is also clearly seen on the example of card games. RTP is not given here, but the casino's advantage immediately. It can be at least 1%, but it is usually more, often about 5%. As you can see, The casino always has an advantageSo the win is difficult. In addition, casinos often have their own rules, which also make winning not easy. This is, for example, forbidding the use of a given strategy. For example, counting cards is very popular in Blackjack. By counting them, some conclusions can be made and decisions properly. Unfortunately, in some casinos it is prohibited, so players cannot use proven strategies.

Casino climate

It is widely known that money casinos are designed in such a way that the player stays in them as long as possible. It consists of several aspects that really work, and these include:

No clocks This is something that can be seen in every online casino. If there is no clock, players cannot check what time it is, so it's easy to lose a sense of time. It is known that players can have their watches, but rarely anyone pays attention to them during the game.

Ubiquitous luxury Makes players feel special. They can experience appropriate customer service, which they can always count on. Thanks to this, the player wants to be treated as long as possible and it is difficult for him to leave the casino.

No windows It also matters in stationary casinos, and this is associated with the loss of time. In the casino always looks the same, so you can't tell what time it is, whether it is evening or night. This, of course, works in favor of the casino.

Ensuring the intimacy of the game It is very important in the casino. Casino tables are specially set in such a way as to provide players with intimacy. That is why they often lead to winding alleys, they are specially set off so that the player can discover them with his own pace.

Using tokens It aims to the illusion that the player spends less than really. There are larger sums in the tokens, so they seem quite quickly. It is worth paying attention to it.

All this means that the player almost always spends more time in the casino than planned. You can also see how casinos adapt to the changing situation. Several dozen years ago it was hard to find a woman among players, it was rather a scandal, which is why casinos were more adapted to men. Now women in the casino are a completely normal sight, and modern statistics show that women are more likely to play.

Specialists in casino interiors have noticed that the aforementioned points may not suit women as players, so some shrines have changed their equipment. Some have large windows that go out on beautiful gardens. As a result, you can relax and players stay in the casino much longer. These are one of the most popular issues that make the casino some advantage over the player. There are more of them, but at the beginning it is worth knowing what to look for.

Find out how online casinos work.

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