In the article below we would like tell about bingo, i.e. about the game that players already choose for over 500 years. Its attractiveness lies in simplicity and the possibility of winning a fairly large sum. This game mostly depends on happiness, so if you are a beginner player, you can start with bingo due to uncomplicated rules, and only then you can go to more complex games, for example to poker or blackjack. From this article you will learn a bit about Bingo history, as well as about its rules. If you are interested in this game, we invite you to read this article.

Basic facts about bingo and the history of this game

Bingo is a game that some people It can be associated with older people sitting at the table with cards filled with numbers. However, it is now that the game is experiencing a second youth and is very often chosen by players. The first mention of this game comes from around 1500 from Italy. It was in Italy that the game was organized, where the numbers were read, and if it turned out that one of the participants chose these numbers (or part of them), he won. This money was most often distributed to the poor, the church or for other noble purposes.

The game got into France quite quickly, where it nestled as well. French players called her Lot. After hearing this name, you will certainly think about our Australian Lotto right away and you will not be too wrong at all, because its rules are very similar and based on bingo. Bingo was the original LOTTO, which we can currently play throughout Australia. However, we see quite significant differences that you will learn when discussing game rules.

From Europe, the game went to the United States. There is a very interesting story of the name of this game, which has just been initiated by the Americans. At the beginning Bingo was called break. At one point, one of the players took over and shouted Bingo, which in turn liked another player who later began to produce game cards, which had already received as Bingo. From that moment Bingo became more and more popular, especially often they can be found in the United States, but The online version found in the vast majority of online casinos also collects many players.

Basic rules of bingo game

Bingo is a simpler game than you expect. At the very beginning, each player receives a card with numbers that are placed on it in a completely random way. There are two versions of this game, in the first drawing 75 numbers, in the second there are 90. The participant may request more than 1 card, there may be 2, 3 or even more. Remember, however, that more cards mean more likely to win, but also to put a larger bet on each card.

Once you have a card in front of you, in the traditional version someone is appointed a person reading the numbers previously drawn by the drawing machine. Your task is to select those numbers that have been read and at the same time are on your card. In the online version, numbers appear on the screen And very often they are automatically marked on your virtual card.

Now we go to the most important part of the game, i.e. how to win in bingo. The numbers you mark on the card must create a given pattern. It can be, for example, a horizontal line, thoroughly or vertical, sometimes also a pentagon, it all depends on the fantasy of a given manufacturer. Most often, however, various types of lines are found. So if the numbers you have marked form a line or other pattern, you are a winner. It may also happen that you draw more than one pattern, then you can be sure that your award will also be much larger. You can participate in many bingo rounds, depending on your desire.

Despite the fact that Bingo is considered a typical random game, some have developed some strategies, thanks to which you can win more, so you don't have to rely on your happiness. In subsequent articles we will tell about strategies and give more Bingo secretsSo don't forget to visit our website regularly.

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