Vegas Strip Blackjack Review and experience

All Blackjack fans are happy to play "Vegas Strip Blackjack". It is not surprising, because in this slot everyone feels as if he was in the center of gambling in Las Vegas. The game is great, especially when you win and we all love Vegas Strip Black Jack. Even beginners feel good at the table. The game is pleasant and easy, which makes it a lot of joy. We play for money and fun. If we are afraid of risk, we start the game on the internet and relax. Let's look at "Vegas Strip Blackjack" from the inside.

Technical informations

„Vegas Strip Blackjack” to Slot by Microgaming. The manufacturer has released many Blackjack online varieties. The developer is known for its excellent productions, which is why he has his fans around the world. This time he takes us to Blackjack to Las Vegas. In Vegas Strip Black Jack we have 4 decks of cards without jokers. The cards before each round are shuffled. We can bet on the plant from 1 to 200 tokens. The return rate is as much as 99.65%, which means that this one blackjack gra is profitable. If you are looking for a classic and solid blackjack, with known rules and many functions, you've come to the right place.

Game functions

The game consists of winning Blackjack - it's about 21 points of the proverbial "eye". We start the round when the tokens are on the game table. The system allocates cards. Together with Krupier, we get 2 cards. At the banker, one of them is covered. We can take a different card, but let's think if it's worth it. We cannot exceed 21 points. If this happens, we will lose the round. We can divide 2 cards of the same value, but we will do it only three times. For example, we can only divide a few aces. Even if we later draw a card with a value of 10 points, unfortunately it will not be Blackjack, even with 21 points.

The plot of the game

"Vegas Strip Blackjack" from Microgaming takes us to Las Vegas, the city of gambling. We will get the impression that we are sitting at the table in a real casino, with other players, and the dealer will distribute cards. The unique atmosphere means that we can spend many hours in Gambling. We owe this feeling to graphic designers "Vegas Strip Blackjack". The table in the game is realistic, with a shade of light green with a wood effect. The animations in the game are used only as much as necessary. We will not be distracted. The game has an elegant interface and additional functions that improve the game. The slot looks authentic, so we should not have much comments. Even the soundtrack is properly adapted to the slot. Instead of music, there are only sounds. When we win a male voice, he informs us about winning. When we lose, we only hear the sound. The game producer wanted us to feel like a real casino and therefore, among others The Blackjack table looks truly.


Blackjack does not lose popularity. There are many varieties of this card game on the market, but the rules are always the same. "Vegas Strip Blackjack" is a simple game and therefore we will quickly master its rules. It is worth getting to know them, because entertainment is incredibly interesting. What is most important is the opportunity to win money in a simple way. If it were otherwise nobody would play Blackjack's online Strip. So since every studio programming casino games still create new versions of this popular game, it means that it has many supporters. In "Vegas Strip Blackjack" we will play in two ways. The first - in the free version available at any time, and the second - Black jack online for money. So if we like risk, let's visit the online casino and try the microgaming item. The second way is the free version. We will open the game in every web browser, without logging in to the casino. In each case, we will feel like old aristocrats who were passionate about Blackjack. Although the centuries have passed since this game is invented, Blackjack does not leave the stage.

Vegas strip blackjack → often asked questions

1️⃣ What is Vegas Blackjack Strip?

In the Black Jack Strip game we choose cards so that their point value is as close as possible 21. The difference between the strip black jack online and the ordinary black jack is that we can divide the card points in half to better adjust the score to the result.

2️⃣ Can I play Vegas Strip Blackjack on your phone?

Yes, there is a version that supports mobile devices on which you will play in Stripblackjack. Thanks to this, we can play on the phone wherever we have a connection to the network. You don't have to download any additional applications. You can play through the browser.

3️⃣ is it possible to play in Vegas Strip Blackjack for free?

If you want to win money, you need to pay a deposit to the game (unless you use a bonus without a deposit as ten bonus). However, if you want to learn the rules of the game or simply play, you can look for the game demo version. You can find it at some internet casinos that you don't have to log in.

4️⃣ Is the scoring of individual cards in Vegas Strip Blackjack Free Online as in the ordinary version?

Yes, the basic rules of the game remained unchanged. Cards from 2 to 10 have a value that corresponds to their number Wałet, Lady and King are cards of 10, and AS - 1 or 10.

5️⃣ What is the value of the RTP coefficient in the case of Vegas Black Jack Strip?

In the case of Vegas Blackjack Strip, the theoretical value of the return indicator for the player is about 99.65%. The casino profit is therefore equal to 0.35%.

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Play Vegas Strip Blackjack in the casino for real money

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