Spanish blackjack review and experience

"Spanish blackjack" - that is, Spanish blackjack is a game that players appreciate because it offers interesting entertainment and prizes. Blackjack is a card game that even "Sunday players" love. "Spanish Blackjack" was particularly liked. It is difficult to find it in ground casinos, but it is available on gambling websites. The game is exciting and fascinating at the same time. It is easier to beat the dealer here, which is appreciated by the participants of the game. Some casinos offer initial bonuses for the game in "Spanish blackjack".

Technical informations

„Spanish Blackjack” jest by Microgaming, which is famous for its wonderful productions. We can be sure that the game will be great. Microgaming distinguished its position from others on the market. We play here 8 - decks of cards, each of which has 48 cards. There are no four dozens. Before each hand, the cards are shuffled.

Game functions

At the very beginning, the player and the dealer get two cards, and one dealer card is covered. The basic principle that has been preserved is to obtain 21 points or close to this number. In this version, our 21 points prevail over the 21 dealer. When the additional dealer card is ten or AS, he checks if he has blackjack. A characteristic feature of Spanish blackjack is the possibility of double the plant after division. We can double the stake of selected cards. This is only permissible once. In "Spanish Blackjack" we can get 21 dealer points. In "Spanish Blackjack" we can expect a bonus. To launch bonus payments, we don't need a side bonus type. This is a novelty among blackjacks.

In "Spanish Blackjack" differently than in other games of this type, in the case of a draw we can win with Krupl. There are also many profitable options, thanks to which we will avoid losses in the game. We can give up your hand using the option of late surrender. After doubling the rate, we can withdraw this movement and return to our plant. This enables the rescue function with a double reduction. In addition to Blackjack and winning hands, we have bonus prizes that are launched by some of the combinations of handles. Information on payments is included in the table. Some hands fund really high payments: 50: 1, 3: 2 or 3: 1. If we were wondering earlier, for which players love "Spanish blackjack" we already know. We play with fewer cards, in the event of a draw with the Krupier we gain, we have options to withdraw our movement and return to the original plant, bonus awards, bonuses, etc. blackjacka online He never leaves, but he stays with him permanently.

The plot of the game

"Spanish blackjack" is a simple card game. However, before we want to win, let's try our capabilities and get to know the rules of this blackjack in the free version of the demo. We will launch the Spanish Blancek in every web browser. If we want to play in Blackjack online for real moneyLet's visit the online casino. Microgaming has provided an expert mode, so we can choose a strategy. We have full freedom here. We decide when to hit, double, divide or stand. "Spanish Blackjack" has been adapted to stationary and mobile devices. So we can play when and where we want. The condition is internet access. Not only are the game functions and a simple interface, but also graphics. It is transparent and impressed. We feel at some point that we are in a real casino.


We certainly recommend the Spanish blackjack to both users who already play various varieties of this card game, but also to laymen who know Blackjack only by name. In short, the gameplay is very simple. First, however, we recommend trying the free version to learn the rules, develop a strategy and train. Remember by betting that you don't always win. So let's play primarily for pleasure later for money.

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