Counting cards is not a winning license. Nobody guarantees you to win. If you read that "you will win when you learn this strategy", then you can't blame. It is an opportunity that simply gives a chance. However, do not be discouraged, because a better technique, like none, the more that many people have proven themselves. First of all, you need to learn it and keep notes while playing. Take some time to train the method. Counting cards is a thorough analysis of cards that have gone down and which are still at the waist, on this basis you will assess the probability of winning and making plants. This is a significant facilitation, but in practice permissible. After all, no one will forbid you to count the cards. And even more so when you are online. You have to be really good at this, because a small mistake, a slight mistake destroys the chance to win.

Is it as good as a group of students in Las Vegas who earned millions? It would be good, but they did it as a team, they divided into roles. Some counted the cards, putting small sums in the plants, others played high when they went. It is definitely more difficult, but to be realized. Counting and remembering all played cards would require a mathematical mind. Who would be able to remember, cards from several waist. It couldn't be done. In fact, you don't have to count everything. Your main goal is to predict whether another hand will be beneficial for you.

What is the basic strategy in Blackjack?

Start with a small plant to value the situation. Do not follow the decisions of other players, think about yourself and cards. Don't distract yourself, but be concentrated. Stop the emotions, let nothing upset you. Play above all very carefully and carefully. Przemyśl every decision. This seems obvious, but unfortunately players forget about it. They often double. If they don't receive the right card, they will lose everything. Not only that, they exceed their limits. Of course, if you put 5 or 10 AUD, you won't lose anything, but when the rate is high, you can feel it. The basic strategy consists in reducing the casino advantage below 0.5%. Then you have a chance to win in Blackjack.

How to play blackjack? Do not double when you are not sure that you will win, unless you have 11 in your arms and the dealer 2-10. Stand when you have 12-16 points and dealer 2-6. Separate aces and eights. Do not buy insurance if you do not count cards, because you only spend money. The casino has almost 6% advantage in this situation. Before you decide to move another move, check the exposed dealer card, which is very important for you. The worst card for a dealer is 5, almost every second hand with her ends in a failure for him. The best is AS, then you have to be alert. The dealer selects cards at the end. Often they do not choose cards at all, because the game ends with players exceeding 21 in their cards.

What is card counting?

If you know what cards have already been played, you can adjust the betting to those that remain on the table. There are several systems, they are based on the principle that high favors the player, low croupies. 2-6 cards are +1, 7-9-0, and cards 10, J, Q, K and A have -1. You have to count cards distributed by the dealer, e.g. according to the diagram below. Using the above scheme-the HI-LO system-you have a chance to gain an advantage over the bubble, the effectiveness of this method is up to 96%. Each card has a different value: 10 -a = -1; 7-9 = 0 and 2-6 = +1. If you add the whole waist in this way, you will get a zero result. Thanks to this method, you know what cards prevail at the waist: high or low. If you have high value in the middle of the remaining waist, you know that more figures and tens and aces remain in it. The numbers predominate with low value. When there are more high cards, you have an advantage.

This system is not about waiting when you have an advantage, but that you will double the plant at the right time. Then there is a high probability that the dealer will exceed 21 points. There are at least a few, including highly advanced, giving a greater chance of winnings. However, always when counting cards, you have to do it with every hand and with the greatest focus. You do not have to remember the value of each card, because the individual of them is always assigned points that you add later. Thanks to this, we will better assess the advantage over the Krupier. This system, as you can see, is not reserved for mathematical geniuses, because you can learn, but as we have already written, you need training. Make a table, turn on the Blackjack demo game and try it. You can also try at home on ordinary cards. Find out if this strategy will be useful in European Blackjack.

Are Blackjack strategies legal?

Many people ask us if counting cards and other strategies are legal. We answer - yes. You can successfully start learning because you wait a lot of work. Counting cards is legal in every jurisdiction. If you have mathematical talent and you can use it in blackjack, nobody will forbid you. Do not be afraid of banning, because cases in the courts of many countries have already been pending, for the benefit of the player. We mentioned at the beginning that you do not have a 100% guarantee that you will win. Casinos use various safeguards so as not to allow you to win thanks to systems. Always check if the service sometimes has not introduced them, if so, find another casino. When you start the game, keep your notes and save in a notebook or in a spreadsheet file. Play only wisely in Blackjack and look for your ways to win.

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