They say you have to be lucky in cards to win. This is true, but good memory and mathematics are also useful in Blackjack. We must remember what cards have already "left" and which may appear. We need to gather so many cards to make their sum as close as possible to 21 points, remembering not to cross it. After buying the plant, we sit at the table with players. Each participant receives two cards, together with a crumb. We decide whether to play, stand, separate or double.

If we want to play, we choose a deck card and add its value to our number of points. If we stand, we stop further movements in the game. Separate, in turn, it means that we play two hands and receive new cards. The division is possible when we have two cards of the same value. However, double, it means to increase your bet and download one more card. When the dealer discovers his cards. We win, after scoring a larger number of points than him, we lose, having more or after exceeding the sum 21. The rules are very easy as in the game we know in the "eye". The game is incredibly pleasant and gives a lot of satisfaction, but when we put money, it gets serious. It's good to start with smaller rates to master the rules to perfection. It is useful to work to know what movement should be made at a given moment. gry black jack They are available in the free version, and this definitely helps at the very beginning. Over time, we will develop a strategy and learn, for example, counting cards, which is not as complicated as it seems.

Is it worth double in blackjack?

Regardless of what casino we play, ground or internet, we must know the Blackjack's rules and develop our strategy. We should certainly know what Doubleing Down is and what it is. And then, when it is worth making this move, which is extremely exciting in a given round. There must be emotions because we are fighting for more money. We risk and enjoy when it is lucky, because we have a luck, but what will happen if it fails? What some say that whoever does not risk does not drink champagne. It is worth trying, but to control the game. Let's check what cards go down and always care.

Socialization is a powerful tool that players stood, they use, because many have earned a lot on it, but not everyone. They follow the cards thoroughly, the behavior of their rivals at the table. They must feel the right moment. Let's do the same, let's learn from others. Let's read reviews, let's get acquainted with several strategies and choose the most suitable for ourselves. If we succeed, we have success in our pocket. It is always worth double and it is obvious, but we need to know when to make this very interesting move. Sometimes it is better to abstain not to lose money.

When to double - 3 tips?

We can double the stake only after the first two cards distributed by the croupier, then we decide whether we risk or give up. If we get a low card, we can lose twice as much tokens. We have a strong position in the cards when there is 11 after the two cards are given to our hands, and at Krupier 10. Then it is good to double the plant. This is by far the most popular and most famous moment for Double Down. There is a good chance that if we show 11, then one more card can give a victory, but above all we will not exceed 21 points. Another opportunity when there is a hard hand 9 or 10, i.e. one in which there is no ace. This is a good time when the dealer will show a lower card. We can with him win at Blackjackwhen we have soft hands: 16.17 or 18.

They are soft when we have an ace + different card. AS can bring victory because it will increase the chance of hit or get closer to 21. However, AS is not everything, the dealer must have a lower card. When we are ready to take a risk, we must signal the doubling, adding tokens of the same height as our initial plant, next to the current plant. The double plant must be the same size as the initial.

Is there the right time to double?

Singing these are emotions! This one moment can affect the game. Losing money is no art. Do not risk when the dealer has an ace. We do not double when we receive two 5 against 5 or 6 dealer. This movement is also inadvisable when we have over 11 points, even when the dealer has weak cards. Let's also remember that there are different Blackjack variants. The difference between European blackjack and many other types is that the dealer cannot look into his card when he has blackjack. In some titles based on this variant, we need strong nerves if you plan to double if the dealer has an discovered ace or 10.

In some Blackjack options, we can increase the amount for a lower rate than the original plant. When the rules allow double, we do not have to do it, but increase by any number of tokens, but not more than the original rate. We should be aware that this move is a kind of opportunity, which is why we should double the full amount. The basic principle says to double the rate when the high probability that we will win the hand. Then let's put the maximum amount. If we have an advantage over the casino at the time of hand, a double plant is a good move. The case can get complicated when there is a lack of money for further playing or we have already lost enough.

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