The European Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack varieties that you can play in both traditional casinos throughout Europe and online. This is a very interesting gameplay that attracts fans to the tables, inspires and excites players who supply casino accounts and play on computers or smartphones. Leave the poker for a moment and try Blackjack in the European edition. Choose a trusted online casino and title, and you will move to the Blackjack table. European Blackjack requires thoughtful tactics and common sense, because only then can you go out with several times thicker portfolio. Start with smaller amounts, starting a simple one gra Black jack And gradually move yourself to a higher level.

At European Blackjack, the rules do not differ from the classic formula. Your task is to overcome the dealer by obtaining a higher number of points from cards from him or bringing to a situation in which the dealer loses when the sum of the points in his cards exceeds 21 points. However, if he accumulates 17 points, he can no longer choose another card. So when you have 18, you don't have to risk it anymore, because you've already won him. Of course there are other players and it all depends on their results. Everyone fights for the title blackjack, so he is the winner who will accumulate the eye, i.e. 21 points. You always make a decision in the game, so winning partly depends on you and the cards you will receive. You decide yourself whether you choose, stand, double or divide. Blackjack requires counting and predicting and taking risks.

How to play European Blackjack?

Just like in other Blackjack games, you play a European Blackjack against a crunch. There are usually 6 decks in the game, but you can find variants from 4. or even with 8 decks. There are also versions with the 2nd decks. You start by buying a plant. At the live casino, you go to the table, where your rivals are already. The dealer distributes the cards from his left. Everyone receives two and giving away one. You need to make sure in advance how AS is counted, 1 or 11. Others have constant values. In European blackjack, many rules are the same as in American, but a few things different. When familiarizing yourself with reviews about the game, you must know that the casino has the right to make changes, which has already taken place. Always make sure before the game. However, you need to know the rules regarding payments, insurance, division and doubling, etc.

The purpose of the game, as we have already written, is to get a better scoring (hand) than a dealer, but not exceeding 21 points. When you have the same cards, you can separate them. Unlike some other varieties, Blackjacka European Blackjack does not offer any form of surrender. Here, the dealer receives the first discovered card, but does not give away or check the second card until players play their hands. Still, it's about getting the title blackjack. This can be done in a situation where you have an ace counted as 11 points and a card of 10 stitches, e.g. 10. Blackjack is rewarded in a 3: 2 ratio. In a remies situation, when you and the crunch have a "eye" tokens from the pool return to players.

What is the division and doubles in European blackjack

Separate means playing two hands and receiving a new card for each of them. You can divide the cards only once in a given round, there are restrictions, provided you have two cards of the same value. Players will move when they have two ladies in their hands, but they cannot do it if they have a lady and king, although both are counted as 10. After this, each hand will be played as usual. However, dozens and Fridays should never be divided, and four can only be divided in some cases, for example, when the roar card discovered is 5 or 6. re -hit the aces that have been previously divided, it is also impossible in accordance with the European principles. All these restrictions deprive players of the advantage for the casino. Division is one of the main attractions of the European Blackjack. Every now and then you will receive a hand -to -two cards of the same value.

Some casino services may prohibit the hand division into two cards worth 10, when they are not the same type, e.g. king and 10 individual casinos, differently approach sharing. In turn, upsetting is always an opportunity to win a higher amount. First of all, you need to control the rate. Do not use this opportunity when you are a beginner player. You need to know when to make a top, or feel the moment. When you double, you will receive one more hand card, which will also block the further game. If you do not receive the right one, you finish the game with a double loss. Subscribe, but only if you have a chance to win. Having high hand cards, think about whether it is profitable.


At European Blackjack you have no way to surrender. There are really no major differences between the European and American version. If you want to play for real money, you need to check several varieties of the game. The offer at Australian online casinos is really impressive. They are all licensed by the gambling commission, and the suppliers are the largest producers: Netent, Playtech and Microgaming. You can play machines, but definitely real emotions are at a live casino table. All you have to do is set up your account, pay to the chosen game and you can sit down at the table. We invite you to read the article Fr. grze w Blackjack Double Jack.

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