European Blackjack Gold Review and experience

Blackjack is a table game that has its beginnings in the 16th century. It is not surprising that the rulers loved her because it is a simple, fast and a lot of fun. It has a lot of varieties and computer adaptations, one of them is the European Blackjack Gold from a well -known manufacturer, which is microgaming.

Technical informations

ten Blackjack Online for Darmo It is a well -made game, without special madness from the technical side. We will not find fancy animations or graphic quirks in the European Blackjack Gold, there is everything that should be here. The game interface is very simple, and its learning will not take more than half a minute. We have here to play tokens worth from "1" to "25", with the minimum bet in the game 1 and the maximum 200. We play with a crumb, which cannot be seen, but through the cards its presence is more than felt.

Game functions

The European Blackjack Gold cardianka is, as the name suggests, the European version Blackjack at online casino for money, in which the changes are only symbolic. However, thanks to minor differences, the game is slightly more interesting. Generally, the gameplay is based on two standard cards, from "two" to "ass". Our task is to overcome the dealer, and there are two ways to do so - either we have more than him, or during the game the value of his cards will exceed "21". At European Blackjack Gold, we bet one hand in each game. Basically, the cards take on their data, with the difference that "AS" may be for 1 or 11, and the jack, the lady and the king always have a value of 10 points.

Blackjack is a hand consisting of ASA and a card worth 10. In this version of Blackjack cardiress you cannot pierce and if there is a draw, the hand is repeated. When we hit Blackjack, and the croupier is not winning in a 3: 2 ratio - when we put 100, we will win 250. In the event of defeating Krupier without Blackjack, we have 1: 1 ratio - when we put 100 we will receive 200.

Among the functionality at the European Blackjack Gold, an interesting option is the Insurance of the Department in case the dealer is to have a blackjack. When the first card is AS, we can insure the hand for half the amount of the first plant - when the dealer does not have Blackjack, we lose insurance, but when we receive a sum in a ratio of 2: 1 - if the plant was 100 and insurance 50, we will receive 150.

In Blackjack, the dealer at the start is harder, because when he distributes two cards when he reaches the limit of 17 points, he cannot choose another card, even if it means failure for him. At the European Blackjack Gold, we can classically double the plant and divide the cards. We can double the plant when the value of our cards is 9, 10 or 11. However, it is worth using this function with caution because you can and you can win a lot, but also lose a lot - it is worth taking the appropriate strategy of the game.

The plot of the game

Microgaming in the European Blackjack Gold game takes us to a table known from casinos, where we can try our hand with a virtual crumb, every player and gambler who does not have too much free time will appreciate this game. There is nothing special here except the celadon table and tokens. It's enough to feel like in a casino - straight and as you need, what more could you want?


Microgamin, creating the European Blackjack Gold, acted properly because he gave players what they like in good performance. Graphically, the card is correct, and there is nothing to stick to. Playability proposals from microgaming It is at the right level, the game works well both on the computer and mobile devices.

The possibility of a minimum plant in the amount of "1" creates an excellent opportunity to learn the rules of the game better and creates a lower risk of failure. In general, the European Blackjack Gold at the right strategy will turn out to be a hit, filling our pockets with banknotes, and for free providing a lot of fun. We recommend!

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