Double exposure blackjack gold review and experience

Among many different table machines you can distinguish a lot of great titles, also from microgaming. The developer is known for the fact that productions are always well made. It is no different in the case of Double Exposure Blackjack Gold.

Technical informations

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is a graphically and technically simple table game that will start on every mobile device, because and for this Microgaming has prepared your version of Blackjack. It is a very clear and simple game, in which the essence is that it works well and reflects the ground version as best as possible. We can play from the "1" rate, and the upper limit is "200".

The tokens in the game are "1", "5", "10" and "25" successively, so we can bet on any sum. The interface itself is very clear and no player, and even more so the gambler will have problems with the service of the card.

Game functions

The double exposure blackjack gold game does not have any sophisticated functionalities, it is simply a well -made cardian woman that is to provide us with a lot of fun and give us the realities of the casino game. Everything we find in the game is generally located in the rules of the game.

For example, we can "hit" or add another card when we want to win until we come across "21", e.g. we have two "9" or 9+9 = 18, so we lack three points, and in this situation we can draw the missing cards: "AS" for 1, "2" for 2 and "3" for 3; Everything above will make us lose. In this situation, we can fold, hoping that the dealer has less than we do, and even if it has less can try to play and "overtake", then we also win. We can also double our stake by putting it on the third card and hoping that we will reach "21" or so much amount that the opponent will not pierce it.

An interesting option is also "separation", when on the table we have two the same cards, e.g. two "2", we can separate them into two separate piles and play "into two hands". When the situation repeats after separation, we can of course break up to four piles again and play "four hands". Next, the rules are the same, including double the card. Thanks to this, we can get rich quite quickly, unless we overdo it and the opponent himself will not have a higher hand.

The plot of the game

The machine is dedicated to a very popular card game, the significant simplification of which is the "eye" game known to everyone. And here we have to collect "21" points to win, and we compete with a virtual bumper. A table is ahead of us, we put the game tokens on the table and a machine giving cards, in the background the dealer tokens and a plaque leading to the clearly described rules of the game. And all in all, just like in life. There are no fireworks here, here is pure calculation and mathematics. And this is the biggest fun from the game in Blackjack from microgaming - on the simplicity and loyalty of the classic.


ten online blackjack It deserves recognition in terms of playability, is very well developed in terms of technical and works equally well on the computer and a mobile device. We will not find here special functionalities or a very sophisticated graphic design with interesting animations, which Double Exposure Blackjack Gold loses. However, he gains a lot with his playability, which he cannot be captured. The cards are legible, the results of the separation are very well placed. Anyway, the whole interface is simply correctly made, and that's what it is about.

This card can easily be recommended to anyone who likes Blackjack in a classic shot, and there is no time to travel around casinos, nor time to log in at an online casino at a given time. No player or gambler will regret that he put his money in the game in the game Black Jack Online for real moneywhich, when playing with caution, will simply multiply what we wish everyone. List of online casinos for you to make a good choice of place to play.

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