Blackjack Review and experience

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most popular card games in the world. First of all, because it has simple rules that are easy to learn. As in no gambling game, skills count. You can develop your tactics that will be based on mathematics and logic. In Blackjack, players have an impact on the game. Many versions have already been created and it is worth trying each of them to have a comparison and choose the one that we like the most. We suggest trying Blackjack from the Wazdan developer. We love its production machines, but the company also released great table games. Let's look at the Blackjack table game from Wazdan and get to know its rules.

Technical informations

Blackjack from Wazdana is based on the traditional rules of the game. Both beginners and experienced players will appreciate the casino product of this excellent studio. We can bet on plants from 1 to 100 tokens. The highest rate can be set automatically by clicking on the Max Bet key.

Game functions

The purpose of the game is to defeat the dealer. We start the game by placing tokens on the bet. As for small and large plants, there are usually restrictions. So we play with a crumb. Cards are distributed. The player and dealer get two cards with the same, one dealer card is covered. Our task is to get 21 points for two cards or Blackjack. We win 1.5 times the rate. If the dealer also hits Blackjacka, we have a draw, we take the equivalent of the set up from the table. We have to play so to have more points than the dealer. We cannot exceed 21 points, but be as close to this number as possible. If we get more than 21 points, we will lose the round, so choosing cards let's be careful. We can refrain from choosing cards and wait for a crunch to do it.

When the participants of the game ends the selection of cards, then the dealer discovers the covered card. The dealer must draw a card until his cards have at least 17 points. The player who has more points than the dealer wins.

Playing Blackjack we need to know the cards. Valve, king and lady have 10 points, aces 1 or 11, and the remaining value. We can double the plant and get only one card, without the possibility of drawing subsequent cards, and also divide the cards. When sharing cards, we get 2 similar cards. For example: with two king, we can divide them and play as two single hands. Then we put the same sum on the new hand. These two hands are later played normally. By dividing two aces, we only get one card in each hand. By receiving another ace, we can divide again. However, we will not double the hand -distance.

The plot of the game

Blackjack from the Wazdan studio has a simple construction. The ribbon and yellow tokens for the game were placed at the top, and at the bottom there are tokens for the bets, as well as the player's interface panel. The graphics were made in shades of brown and green, which give the impression of tables in stationary casinos. The game begins with a beautiful animation of card colors that float above the table before they come out to make room for the game. The soundtrack is impressive. In the background jazz jazz music and voices are heard. Blackjack from Wazdana is adapted to stationary and mobile devices. We owe an excellent pickup on smartphones to HTML5 technology. We can play without obstacles on the phone. Wazdan also enabled free entertainment. We will launch Blackjack in every web browser and get drunk for hours. This card game will like it so much that we will come back to it for many evenings. So let's play in Blackjack Online for Darmo without limits.


Wazadan likes to surprise his fans. This time it happened. He developed Blackjacka, which entertains and allows you to multiply money. If we combine these two things together, we will ensure profitable entertainment. We will not always win and it is obvious, but we have a great chance. In Blackjack we can win, because by developing a strategy, we will sense the crunch and participants of the game. We should watch all the cards on the table closely. Good memory and mathematics are useful. However, before we start playing in Black jack online for money, let's get to know its rules in the available version of Blackjack demo.

Play Blackjack in the casino for real money

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