Blackjack Pro Review and experience

Nettentertament developer He is known for a number of great positions on the casinage games market. The advanced Blackjack version, the Pro version, shows a slightly more advanced game mode blackjacka onlineAs every gambler will appreciate, and a beginner player will certainly love this game system.

Technical informations

In Blackjack Pro, we always play with a computer, whose presence we sense only after rotating cards and moves.

In the game, we have nominal cards from 2 to 10 and a bale, a lady and a king whose nominal value is "10", as well as an ace which is counted for "1" or "11".

Generally, our goal is to get "21" stitches and defeat the computer. In Blackjack Pro, we can play three hands right away, and that's what the "Pro" extension is. The game was adapted by Netent to both computers and mobile devices. The tokens in the game have value from "1", "5" and "10". The minimum bet in the game is 1 and the maximum 40, if we play three hands, we can bet on each 40.

Game functions

In Blackjack Pro, there are many functionalities known from the classic ground version. In addition to the fact of playing three hands, of course, we will find a very interesting insurance function. When deciding to insurance, we have to pay half of our plant. We can use the option when a visible deck is AS. If the dealer hits Blackjack, we gain 2: 1, if not, we lose insurance. But thanks to this function and a good strategy, we can secure a lot of money and translate it in our favor.

In addition, we can use the "Split" function, which allows you to separate two cards of the same value (except for aces) into two separate piles and in this way we can play "two hands". Playing from the beginning on three hands, it is possible to finally play "six hands" and multiply the winnings indeed indefinitely. However, Blackjack obtained in "Split" is not considered a natural blackjack.

We can also increase our win at any time. When we want to choose a third card, we can double the value of the plant, placing it on the third card.

So, as we see, Blackjack Pro is a proposal that will quickly allow you to win a lot of sums playing in online blackjack real money, only everything depends on the strategy we take, because the value is paid for Blackjack in a 3: 2 ratio, with 2: 1 insurance, and in the standard game 1: 1.

The plot of the game

Netent card is a very pleasant version of the table game that provides a lot of fun. The possibility of playing in three hands adds a lot of dynamics to the game, which in the settings can be turned up by shortening the time of animation (cards distributing).

Ahead of us is a game table, tokens, a container with cards and a very legible control panel. Every player will quickly find in this table game, and every gambler will love him for the stability of the mechanism. There are no surprises here, both in the rules and the gameplay system. Table realities have been preserved here, which means that the Blackjack Pro title is always happy, because the interface is clear, the board itself is pleasant to the eye, and the winners high.

Still our goal is to overcome the dealer from which we must have more points on the cards or the dealer, adding cards must exceed the sum of 21 points on the cards. However, when we get 22 and more points, we immediately lose. Cruchy if he has at least 17 points, he cannot choose another card in accordance with the rules. At the moment when we have ASA values 11 and a card of 10 (10, bale, lady, king) we get the so -called Blackjack. Two Blackjack gives a draw and the handing out repeats. After each hand, the cards are shuffled completely and the game goes on.


Blackjack from Netent is a very well prepared technical proposal, which will work as well at home as well as traveling. The rules do not differ from generally known rules, and the possibility of playing "three hands" from the very beginning is a great solution for those who love quick online gameplay. Every player and every gambler will appreciate the possibilities offered by blackjack pro, and with the right strategy will not only have fun but also gain a lot. This title is especially worth recommending - look at your favorite online casino.

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