Blackjack Review and experience

Blackjack is one of the most famous and liked card games. It is present in ground casinos and also in internet. There is no casino service where Blackjack would run out. If we played in the "eye", we'll understand Blackjack faster. Before we start playing in Black Jack Online for real money, we need to know the rules. For this purpose, let's use the free version, because training makes a champion. The fact that it is worth playing Blackjack does not need to be convinced, because you can easily earn money. It is not enough to be lucky here, good memory and mathematics are also useful. We must remember what cards have already "left" and which may appear.

Technical informations

Blackjack varieties in online casinos we will meet a lot, and the gambling game of the Swedish company specializing in solutions for Greed Online - Netentaiment. The casino game tycoon launched Blackjack, in which the deck of cards is played in four piles, one of which belongs to the dealer and three to the player. Cards and tokens take part in the game.

Game functions

The purpose of playing Blackjack is to collect cards, the sum of which is as close as possible to 21 points, but cannot cross it. We have to know the basic strategy of the game: when to double the stake, give up when to wait and hit. We start the game after determining the rate (plant). At Blackjack Classic we play with a deck of 52 cards and jokers. Here, cards from 2-10 are also figures like: king, ladies and jacks, which have 10 points. Aces, however, 1 or 11 points. They depend on the hand, which is divided into hard and soft. When we have only one ASA, it is counted as 11 points - the so -called Soft hand, and the hard hand is when we have a different ace or other cards and we count as 1 point. In an online game, our opponent is a computer dealer (croupier). The cards are distributed, revealed in accordance with the rules. Pressing the hit - choose, we will get as many cards as we want. We cannot exceed the "eye" 21 points because we will lose. Stand - belt option means acceptance of the hand. After our round, the dealer discovers the card and can also choose another, but his cards must from 17 points up. If the dealer is also satisfied with the cards, the winner is selected. We win when we have more points than a dealer (dealer) or if the dealer has more than 21 points in the cards. There may also be a draw and then we stop our plant. It is worth hitting Blackjack - ASA or figure, because the win is the highest.

Similarly, you play Blackjack Professional Series. Here we play a deck of 52 cards, but without jokers. The game is similar in Blackjack Classic, with the difference that at Professional Series, we get a Double Jack side plant. The bet cannot be higher than our basic rate in the game. To win the Double Jack plant, we must have a card with a bale or a pair of so -called Jopków, otherwise we will lose. The Netent manufacturer has made available tables for 7 players at the same time and sometimes the table can be busy.


The beginning of Blackjack dates back to the 16th century. The French invented him. The game was a favorite entertainment, among others bourgeoisie. The Americans quickly picked up the idea and in the nineteenth century Blackjack celebrated the triumphs of popularity in American casinos in the Wild West. Since then, the game has been improved by many companies to finally go to the internet. Thanks to this, without moving from the place, we can play cards and win quite a lot of money. This would not be possible, of course, without the creators of internet casinos. gra Black jack Online has an unusual design and clear video graphics, and nice animations and the soundtrack selected thematically, adds its expressiveness. We feel like in a real ground casino.


Let's play first for fun, and when we get to know the rules of Blackjack, let's play for money. In online casinos you will find a demo version. If we decide to win, online casinos will welcome us with very attractive welcome bonuses. See our ranking of internet casinos before you start playing. We can try the first game in Blackjack for free. In addition, using the deposit bonus, from the first payment, we will get a specific percentage and even several deposits. Playing Blackjack is pure pleasure, but also a chance to win a lot of cash. However, always remember that when you win the money, let's finish the game and leave the table. Let's go back another time for a new win. First of all, the game must give us pleasure and be great fun.

Play Blackjack in the casino for real money

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