Extra bingo review and experience

Maybe you haven't had the opportunity to play bingo yet, and that's very Popular gambling game. In short, it consists in selecting the numbers on the board, and after arranging 5 of them, according to a specific pattern, we shout bingo and win. This should be done faster than other players, so we have competition and a lot of emotions. The Extra Bingo online game offers a game in Bingo to single players, and was created by the well -known manufacturer Wazdan. Wazdan firm provides proven software for internet casinos, including many popular table games and Online gaming machines. So if you want to learn to play bingo, it's a great time to read the Extra Bingo review and see if the game is really extra.

Game functions

The Extra Bingo Online screen consists of 80 numbers on a 10 × 8 board. Click any number in the table to select it. If we decide to cancel the choice, press the already marked number again. Our task is to choose from 3 to 10 numbers, and we will find out about the payment awaiting us from the payment table placed on the right. Fate for a bingo lottery can cost from 0.10 to 100 euros. The best in the game Bingo online It is that you can easily play for free with a demo mode for fun.

ProducerWazdanMax win (tokens)200 000
Date of game release10.05.2016Scatterno
RTP95,96%Free turnoverno
Board10×8Bonus roundso
Winning linesnoWin multiplierno
Number of rowsProgressive jackpotno
Number of drumsGamble optionso
Auto Play optionsoFast game optionso
Min Bet0,10Max bet100

Extra Bingo

Why is extra bingo so extra? Because it has an additional special function. On the payout table we have numbers with the inscription Extra, and on the screen during their hit there is an EXTRA sign. Therefore We can choose two additional numbers for the winning combination. Next press Play He will download from the player Bet and add 2 additional, visible in the upper right corner. This is a chance to improve your result. When playing we want to give up this proposal, we must press the button Collect.


Gamble will appear at the bottom of the screen after each successful combination. Click the option if you want to get a break to double your amount. A covered card will appear on the screen, and the player's task is to match the color. It remains to press the red or black button. If we hit the prize, it will be doubled. The mini-GRA lasts as long as the gamble Riskant will guess the color of the covered card or press Collect If the choice is bad, the win will be canceled and there will be a return with nothing to the main game.

The plot of the game

Remember the drawing of Lotto numbers on television. We have a television studio here with a large wheel with numbered balls. Each bingo online player turns a drawing machine, the balls are spinning and falling from above into the tubes. The impression of watching a television program is intensified by calm music and the sounds of the balls. If we are not interested in the atmosphere of a television studio and we do not need to observe the draw, we can start a quick game. There are 3 pace available: turtle, rabbit and galloping steed.


Playing in bingo online for free to play or betting on the plants is simple and provides emotions. It is good to learn new casino games, so let's not be afraid to play Bingo or Keno. The more that RTP Extra Bingo reaches 95.96%, and the main prize is 200,000 euros.

Gra online Extra Bingo FAQ

Is bingo online safe?

Game in Bingo Online is very safe and problems arise rarely. Each internet casino from the Best-aucasinosites website is licensed, so you can without fear you can try your hand at bingo, roulette or choose any online machine.

From what age can you play bingo online?

To play any gambling game in online casinos, you must be at least 18 years old.

Are the numbers drawn in Bingo online random?

The numbers in bingo are randomly generated by the software provided by the game manufacturer. Casinos do not affect the drawn numbers.
Sorry, the demo is not available
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