Bingo bonanza review and experience

Bingo bonanza is fast online gambling game connecting the rules of bingo and scratch cards. It was released by the giant of the gambling industry company Microgaming, i.e. good fun and playing for large wins are guaranteed. Internet casinos are most often associated with table games or Video machines And that's why today we will go to a less known game in Bingo. Bingo Bonanza review will discuss all functions of the game, rates and possible winnings.

Game functions

Producer Microgaming He created a simple internet game based on a traditional bingo. You can play it for free to play at the online casino. Of course, if you are looking for a thrill, you can make a deposit and bet from 0.50 to 10 euros depending on the casino. Choosing the rate is a thing that you have here, it can't be easier. Everything that every gambler will wait for then is the moment of draw. The balls falling out of the drum will determine the result of the round.

After pressing Play 6 bullets with a multiplier will be drawn. We count on the hit of two balls with the same multiplier. A maximum of 2 balls are possible and then our plant will be multiplied in accordance with the multiplier height on bullets. The bullets fall out with a multiplier: x1, x2, x5, x10, x40, x250, x5,000 or x20,000 our plant. There is also the same item in the payout table.

If you are wondering what will happen when two pairs of the same multipliers are marked? It would be good if our plant was multiplied by both multiplier. Unfortunately, the rules of the Bingo Bonanza game provided for this situation. If on the card Bingo online There is more than one possible victorious combination, only the value with the highest multiplier is paid.

ProducerMicrogamingMax win (tokens)20 000
Date of game release01.07.2014Scatterno
RTP95,95%Free turnoverno
BoardBonus roundno
Winning linesWin multiplierso
Number of rowsProgressive jackpotno
Number of drumsGamble optionno
Auto Play optionnoFast game optionno
Min Bet0,50Max bet10

The plot of the game

Bingo Bonanza online game imitates real bingo. There is a lottery drum in the upper right corner. The balls enter the gutter and determine the result of the game. The payment table is on the left. Next to the multipliers there are two sectors in which a great fantastgenrium is making dots. The game is very retro and was released in 2014.

Bingo Bonanza control panel has only a button that triggers the game. Plus and minus signs next to the Stake window are used to choose the size of the plant. If you have a problem with multiplying your plant by the multiplier from winning, you will see the correct result on the right as wines.


Play to see how the drawing machine releases six lucky balls for you. Your only task is to press Play. It cannot be easier to win 200,000 euros. You don't have to learn about bingo rules, because microgaming simplified them to a minimum in Bingo Bonanza Online. That is why players who visit the casino for the first time will cope without much problem.

Gra online Bingo Bonanza FAQ

What is Jackpot in Bingo Bonanza?

You will achieve the highest win by playing for 10 euros and after the multiplier x 20,000 multiplied twice. Then you win 200,000 euros.

Can I try Bingo Bonanza for free before making a deposit?

Of course. Internet casinos provide a demo mode. Without registration, payment and risk, you can test the best online video games.

What is the minimum deposit in the online casino?

It all depends on the casino you chose. Most offer their games and promotions from the deposit for already 10 euros.
Sorry, the demo is not available
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