Baccarat Review and experience

Play in Goatness It is not based on a sophisticated strategy. An important role, in this card game, is played by a random factor and player's happiness, because he puts on the result of the game. However, if the user wants to beat the casino, you should consider the mathematical element of the game. The bakarat is based on numbers. Even its name comes from the Italian word "baccar", describing zero. The values ​​of all figures in the deck of cards and 10 are in the bacharam zero, which is the basis when calculating the sum of the hand and banker's hand. The bakarata is played by comparing the banker's hand with the player's hand. This is associated with another game name, i.e. Punto Banco, especially widespread in South America. Punto means a player, and a banker is a banker and the game is taking place between them. There are three different possibilities of betting in the standard bacard: to win the player (Punto), to win the dealer (Banco) and draw (tie). After accepting the bets, starting from the player, both sides receive two cards.

Regardless of all foreign language terms, the goal of the game is to get cards with a value of 9. The hand wins, which will get the most points in the hand faster. When the sum of the first two hands is equal to 8 or 9, then we have a system of cards called natural. The natural system is always higher if there was a draw after choosing a third card for one of the hands. Apart from the above -mentioned figures and 10, in cards from 2 to 9 the value is indicated by the digit on the card, while the AS is counted as 1. In the case of a double -digit sum, decimal values are subtracted to determine the win, only the second digit remains, e.g. cards 9 I 8 = 17, 17-10 = 7 final outlets.

All standard rules and values of the cards and the purpose of the game can be found in the baccarat online game from the leading manufacturer Playtech. PlayTech provides software for mobile casinos And it offers various baccarat varieties, tailored to the wallet, experience and expectations of players. He also always tries to diversify his machines, for greater fun and playing benefits. Yes, this time, because except for 3 basic plants, we have in Baccarat from Playtech, also 6 side plants. We play 8 decks in the waist.

The rates in the game, unless you play for fun, start with very low 0.01 limits. However, you have to think about whether it is worth betting on the banker's hand so low, due to the casino's permanent commission of 5% from the banking plant. The commission is rounded to the nearest 0.01 in favor of the casino, in the case of smaller plants where the exact calculation is not possible. Therefore, the principle for beginners is to put at least one coin. All minimum and maximum factor limits are displayed next to the dealer tokens. The field of the game itself is simply a table for playing a bakarata, divided into 3 sectors, corresponding to one of the 3 types of factories: on the hand of a player, banker or draw.

Game functions

In the baccarat player, the player and banker may be forced to choose a third card in the following cases:

Extremely interesting in PlayTech Baccarat are large and small side plants, not offered to other manufacturers. While among the 3 main ones you need to choose the option so that the game can go on, the side ones are voluntary. Types of all plants and payments are as follows.

Bettings and main payments:

Experts playing Bakarata do not recommend a drawing plants, because then the casino's advantage is greatest. In Baccarat from PlayTech it is slightly lower, by paying 9: 1, instead of 8: 1, appearing more often.

Side plants and payments:


The baccarat online game machine from PlayTech is a fast game that differs slightly from other bakarat games offered in mobile casinos. Side factories can be both a perfect complement to the game and complicate it. In addition, the cards are immediately discovered during distribution. However, if you are satisfied with the established rates and your ability to bet on winning systems, you can press Rebet and Deal to erect the same bet as in the previous hand and automatically give away more cards. When you want to add tokens to the plant area, because you feel a chance in games for higher rates, make changes and press the next hand button itself. The game goes on quickly, with a range of rates and factories that it is worth watching your wallet, even despite the high RTP of the machine. Try the version for free before you choose Gambling games for money.

Play a baccarat in a casino for real money

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