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Baccarat card machine, producenta Microgaming, is a great way to check if you are favorable for you. It is a game with simple rules, completely random and automated. For everyone who does not know the rules of bakarat, he plays the simplest option, can become an opportunity to understand what all of it is about. And it's worth it, because the story of the bakarat dates back to the Middle Ages. Some believe that even still in the past to the Etruscan ritual of choosing virgins for the temple, so that they serve as priests to nine gods. Everything in the bacard is based on numbers from 1 to 9. When the virgin was lucky and it rained 8 or 9 became a priest, unfortunately the numbers below 6 meant death for her.

A cruel ritual does not mean that instead of playing, we will have to fight for life instead of playing. The ritual was only a distant introduction to the rules of the game, which was more precisely created 500 years ago in Italy. However, it was only the French aristocracy that caused the bakarat to become exclusive fun for the elites. Really rich people played, at high rates for several centuries. When the Baccarat crossed the La Manche channel and got to England, nothing stopped him from great fame. Ian Fleming in his books placed the famous James Bond, the Agent of Her Majesty, at the Casino's card table, to play a bakarata. And so, thanks to agent 007, the game has become popular all over the world, but interestingly it was still considered an elite game for the chosen ones.

Regardless of whether you play for fun for free or choose cash games, it is worth knowing the Bakarat rules. Microgaming has created several different bakarat on-line vending machines, but each of them is based on the basic rules of this game, where the player puts the result of the game. The goal is to determine and choose which of two card systems, a hand for a player or banker, will be the closest to the number 9. You can also put on a draw, but it is rarely profitable.

The color of the cards at the waist does not matter, the value is important. The number on the card from 2 to 9 means the same value when counting the cards. All card and 10 figures have a value of 0, and AS is equal to the 1st player and the banker get the same, two cards. After discovering, values are added to each other. The two -digit result, e.g. 12, is calculated by cutting off the decimal value and only the second digit is taken into account, i.e. the result of 12 is 2. When the result is low, you can choose a third card, and the total sum gives the final score. For winning the banker, we will get a payment reduced by a 5% commission for the casino. In the event of a payment draw, they are 9 or 8 to 1.

Game functions

Game machine screen baccarat online it's a game table. in the lower part there is a panel with a selection of options and value of the plant. with the and minus button, you will adjust the plant to your capabilities from 10 to 500 coins. we play exceptionally with only one deck of 52 cards. exceptionally, because it is usually from 6-8 decks. one waist reduces the casino's advantage to 1.01%, but only in the banner's indication. in the bacard, when there are 6 decks, it is 1.055 and 8 decks 1.057%. the opposite is the way to put the hand to the player and draw, where the casino's advantage increases more with one waist than in the case of many waist. this operation of one waist definitely distinguishes baccarat from microgaming from other online casino games.

The game and hands are random in two hands: a banker on the right or a player on the left. You can also bet on a draw. After we put a plant with a certain height on the player's hand, banker or draw, we will receive 2 discovered cards. The hand, whose value is nearest 9, wins immediately, according to the counting of points in the bacard. When the values are small, i.e. 5 or less, the third card will be automatically awarded. All factories for a draw, when he was placed as a winner, are paid 8 to 1 and the most dangerous of the three possible plants you can do. The winning player's bet is 1 to 1 payment, and 0.95 to 1 on the banker, because 5% is charged by the casino as a commission.


A feature of the on-line baccarat casino game from microgaming is a quick single hand and operating only one deck of cards. There is no autoplay function, the player is one, there is no function of watching the game, as in other slot machines from microgaming. Apart from typing the player or banker, you don't have to make additional decisions during the game, the rest happens automatically. A random numbers generator (RNG - Random Number Generator) makes Baccarat a game fully supported by a computer. Virtual elements of the game, visible on the screen: table, tokens, cards are to add reality of playing so that you feel like in a casino. All this can be useful when you just get to know the bakarat, the more that the span of the rates is large and allows low plants. Uncomplicated graphics and fun for fun will certainly encourage you to try your happiness in your free time on mobile devices.

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