Baccarat Gold Review and experience

Baccarat table game is not new, because it offers every online casino, but Baccarat Gold is the only one and unique title. Why we say so, we will explain to you later in the review. One thing is certain that it's worth playing. It's not just about playing for money, because you can play it for the free version, available on casino websites. We will feel special, always on long autumn evenings. Everything is very realistic, like in a ground casino. Baccarat Gold raises emotions, raises adrenaline and provides excellent entertainment.

Technical informations

The producer of Baccarat Gold is Microgaming, one of the oldest and largest developers on the online gambling market. The company has been operating continuously since 1994 and almost all its productions occupy high places among slot games. She was the first to develop an online casino system. Baccarat Gold consists of traditional eight decks without jokers. We can play here at 5 to 500 loans. The rate of return on winnings - RTP is 98.94%. Baccarat Gold gives great winning opportunities.

Game functions

At the bottom of the screen there is a golden strap, and all the game options and statistics are visible. In the upper right corner there are rules of the game and the speaker, we can turn on or off the sound. Local time is also displayed. Baccarat Gold is played with eight decks of cards, with limits of table bet.

The rules of the game are unchanged from the ground version. The player always gets the first card in front of the banker. King, ladies, jacks and dozens have zero point value. Cards from 2 to 9 are calculated for their point value. AS in BacCart Gold has only 1 point. In the case of drawing hands, when the player does not bet a draw, the plant is returned to him. The card with the highest sum wins. When distributing the banker, the player wins in a 1: 1 ratio (including 5% commission goes to the casino), when the player is given the winner, the winning ratio is 1: 1. In the case of a drawing plant for a draw, the ratio of winnings is 8: 1 for the player. When we have a general draw, player and dealer's plants are shifted.

When handing out the third card, if the player or banker has 8 or 9 points, they both have to wait; When the player has 5 or less points, he receives a card, he must wait otherwise; And if the result of the player or banker is comparable, the one who has a higher number of points wins.

In Baccarat Gold we can also bet on an additional plant. The player and banker's plant is determined on the basis of the first two cards given to players and a banker. Additional plants are paid according to the payment schedule. Players can rotate cards before they look - they only need to double click the mouse.

Baccarat Gold is available history (hands results played in the past), the blue button with the letter P means winning the player, red with the letter B - winning the banker, and the green shows a draw. In addition, there is also a road map that downloads the data that the player can use with advanced Baccarat analysis. It is also worth remembering the function functions of the buttons: Deal - deals cards; Clear Bets - removes tokens from the table; Rebet - puts the same plant as in the previous hand; Rebet X2 - doubles the previous plant.

We can also add tokens, we just need to press the hand button. If we want to remove current plants from the table, press the button: Clear the factories.

Baccarat Gold has additional functions that make the game more interesting.

The plot of the game

Baccarat Gold, as we wrote at the beginning, is the only and unique. It is called a giant of online gambling games when it comes to competitive baccarat games. It allows you to win high sums. However, it is an advanced game, so it takes some time to learn the rules of the game. We can train in the free version available at online casinos. We recommend that you start with this before you choose a casino game for money.

We will fire the Gold baccarat on a computer and mobile device. It is worth playing to feel the atmosphere of a ground casino for a moment. When it comes to graphics, it is more advanced than in other baccarat. We can safely say that Baccarat Gold is a jewel in the crown among table games of the manufacturer microgaming. Baccart Gold is elegant and very realistic, hence it perfectly reflects the atmosphere of an exclusive gambling salon. Subtle graphics, cards shuffling animations and a clear sound, create the comfort of the game and a unique atmosphere.


Baccarat Gold is an amazing version of the Microgaming gambling game. Amazing interface functions make this one backer It is very pleasant. Fans of table games loved Baccarat Gold. People who have never had the pleasure to sit at the table and play this impressive game should do it. This is great entertainment in the free version, which will be appreciated by all players. So nothing costs even in the case of losing, and the paid version allows you to enrich well, which will be appreciated by every gambler. We recommend and wish you good luck!

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