The casinos have been enjoying a group of loyal fans for years, and there are more and more of those from year to year. This happens thanks to the Internet, which is available practically everywhere, is cheap, stable, and devices for browsing it allow for smooth gameplay. It is worth choosing a licensed online casino because online machines On the legal website of the website they are not only the highest quality, but also guarantee safety and very good fun. Also find out how Play online vending machines. However, among many different proposals from online casinos, applications are very popular. These are a simplified variant of access to content from many developers and of course they have to enjoy the positive opinion of a given department, which gambling is subject to. In Great Britain it is a gambling commission, and in Australia the Ministry of Finance. Ultimately, however, they are connected to payment systems and casino services, which allows you to play for money. Of course, a free game is also possible. If you want to select 10 slot machines, you should be guided by their popularity, but also by making. Hence the list will be somewhat subjective. It is worth mentioning that some of the items give the opportunity to participate in several titles, others are applications of one game. We start!

#10 Coin Dozer: Sweepstakes

The title that reflects the recently popular machine, in which the point is to push other coins, by adding your own is Coin DOZER: SWEEPSTAKES. It consists in the same, but the whole happens in the application - we throw a coin and observe the effects of its impact on the others. Players are happy to download this game because the machine's rules are very easy. So if we are lovers of this type of machine, this title is for us.

#9 Big Money Bugs Slots FREE

The application that transfers us to the world of insects has been collecting good marks for several years and enjoys a large number of downloads. The titles that make up the app are interestingly made and different from each other, but still embedded in a similar atmosphere, without standing out of each other. We can count on diversity in it, and this translates into our good fun.

#8 House of Fun: Free Casino Slots & Casino Games

If we are looking for applications that collect one of the best titles for us, then House of Fun: Free Casino Slots & Casino Games is for us. High quality, intuitiveness when moving around the app, and a multitude of many interesting proposals. It had to succeed!

#7 Vegas Slots Galaxy Free Slot Machines

Vegas Slots Galaxy Free Slot Machines had to be in the seventh place. The application includes over 100 great casino games. All working smoothly, colorful and unusual. The creators have made every effort to ensure that the gathered titles entertain and be different, which would translate into a well -spent time. If we like to have many games in one place, this is an app for us.

#6 Dragon Dollars

The machine, which has even got its own name app. The slot thematically refers to China. He gained its popularity due to the aesthetics, completeness and the ability to win large amounts. The production had millions of downloads and deserved the sixth place.

#5 Super Double Jewels

The application that has accumulated just over 20 million players is the Super Double Jewels. However, it is worth noting that it was created for this specific title. It is distinguished by very interesting and good animations, at the right pace. The whole is very intuitive, everything starts quickly and works smoothly. There are also bonus rounds. So it couldn't be otherwise and the super doubled Jewels had to open the first five of the list.

#4 Pharaoh’s Way Slots

Immediately behind the podium there was an application that brings together productions kept in the climate of the pharaohs. The titles are interesting, very playable and provide a lot of good entertainment. If we love this subject, this is a proposal for us. The number of good ratings and a mass of downloads suggests that there are many lovers of ancient Egypt.

#3 Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Bronze, so you can say, goes to Fruit Loot Wild X Slots. Production proves that strength lies in simplicity and the fruit does not go out of fashion. Graphically and technically we get high level production. However, it is This is a modern machine, whose mechanics are based on classic productions, re -included and gathered in one place. Sounds dull? Just play once to know that it is completely different!

#2 Triple Double Jewels

In second place, receiving silver, there was an application that reflects the best of casino machines is Tripple Double Jewels. Strong attachment to the classics, included in an interesting, simple and transparent form. In addition, the subject based on diamonds, adorned with a transparent, legible and pleasant to the eye interface. No wonder players praise her and we recommend.

#1 Slotomania Free Slots: Casino Slot Machine Games

The podium and gold are taken by the APK Slotomania Free Slots: Casino Slot Machine Games, whose number of downloads has long exceeded 50 million, and at the same time with a very high average grade. The application impresses the eye and amazing. It is refined in every inch. It brings together proposals for several mini slot games. It is intuitive, colorful and high quality. Hence her great popularity. An additional function of giant jackpot is what players value in this slot the most. Hundreds of gifts to play in the form of additional spins, fair and quick payments. All this made it an application worth recommending and obligatory for fans of vending machines.

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