The real goal of every self -respecting gambler is to get the largest amount of money as possible thanks to their activities in the game. It was for such players that the game machines with progressive jackpot were created. Jackpot casino games are created in two different categories. One of them is a bonus based on the individual sum of the player's personal plants, the other is a joint jackpot for gambling. A lucky player receives an incredibly high win when a special combination appears on the drums. In addition, gamblers can also count on random jackpots, which are often a big, positive surprise for the player. How do you get to know jackpot casino games? A small result of the result on the program screen will ensure us. It serves to show how high our bonus achieves during the game.

In these casinos you will find jackpot vending machines

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What is jackpot

If the player is only at the stage of searching for his favorite production, the given method may be irreplaceable.The first step to know the rules of Jackpot is usually to get acquainted with the rules of a given gamein which this promotion applies. The best way is to simply play a few rounds of a given title completely free in demo mode. We will not risk any losses, and we will be able to comprehensively know the world of the game of our choice. It is worth paying attention to the systems of symbol, chances of winning, game mechanics, sounds and all bonus options.

The rules in force during jackpots are very extensive And they differ depending on the type of promotion. One of the types of bonus is jackpot with a fixed rate. This value does not change during the game and we will always receive it after drawing the winning combination. The second type of bonus is Progressive jackpot. It is based on accumulation of winning rates. Thanks to him, a gambler can receive a huge cash prize at the end of his game.

The rules and conditions in force in a given jackpot, of course, depend on the game in which he is in force. As we know, each line winning in the video slot has its own specific value, which is worth knowing at the very beginning of the game. It is also worth paying attention to the number of drums, the return factor to the player and the rules of using the interface.

The most important factor that players look at is The winning indicator related to a given jackpot (famous RTP). Thanks to it, we can track the likelihood of winning a prize in a specific casino promotion. Remember, however, that Jackpot is based on complete randomness, which is why you never know who or when he will win the main stake. Let's not forget about the sections of the most frequently asked questions, which is often located around the game screen. Usually it will satisfy the curiosity of even the most demanding customers.

Types of jackpots

There are two basic types of games with jackpot:
  1. Jackpot permanent - The possible win is constant and unchanged, set from the very beginning of the game.
  2. Progressive jackpot - The pool increases every time the new player plays the bet. The longer the money is received from players, the more the sum is to be won.

It is worth knowing that not only vending machines and slots have the option of playing with jackpot. We also come across it in other casino productions. Lovers of traditional gambling games will find themselves in Blackjack with progressive jackpot or enriched with this roulette bonus. There are plenty of possibilities and the prizes are very attractive.

Vending machines with progressive jackpot for you!

Free jackpot gambling games

Lots of developers and creators of casino services offer bonuses that allow gameplay with very attractive promotions and additions. We will find, for example, welcome prizes or free revolutions to be used in video slots offered by the casino. Proper use of bonuses can even allow us to play for free in productions with jackpot. However, let's remember Fr. Carefully reading all regulations, which will allow us to avoid the profession and disappointment.

Virtual coins made available to players by developers allow the game in free jackpot gambling games without paying any fees. Thanks to this possibility, gamblers can easily get acquainted with a given production and develop their own style of gameplay. Getting to know the mechanisms of the game, graphics, animation and rules governing its environment should be the priority of every gambler. The game with virtual currency does not require any declarations from the player, setting up an account at a given casino or deposit payment. Thanks to this, everyone can use it exactly, even not quite on online gambling. Playing in free jackpot games is not limited in any way, neither temporarily or quantity. Gamblers can get to know all the secrets of their favorite productions, including Wild, Scatter symbols, bonus functions or the famous jackpots.

An interesting game option for a modern gambler can be free jackpot games launched on mobile devices. More and more video slots are being created that fully work with such operating systems as iOS or Android. Usually, the compatibility of production with portable technologies is symbolized in the casino of a tiny phone icon. Getting giant jackpots via a phone from anywhere in the world is an incredibly interesting and attractive possibility.

As we already know, progressive jackpot increases thanks to the system of calculating cash from all active players. Each party played for real cash increases the possibilities of winning. Of course, playing for free we do not participate in building accumulation, but we can treat such gameplay as a decent training. Appropriate preparation in free production versions will certainly result in better preparation for collecting real, breathtaking prizes!

The highest winnings of Jackpots online and offline

Mega Moungah€17,879,645
MEGA FORTUNE€17,861,800
MEGA FORTUNE€11,736,375
MEGA FORTUNE€8,580,000
Mega Moungah€8,457,974

Casino games with jackpot have enjoyed unflagging popularity for decades. On today's market we will find thousands of this type of production! What amounts do we think about talking about the highest jackpots acquired on the network or outside? At the moment, the highest prize in history related to Jackpot is over 17 million euros! I must admit that this digit is a huge impression.

Almost every casino offering games with progressive jackpot at the entrance itself informs that there are on average from several dozen to almost two hundred million AUD. It is breathtaking, right? When discussing winning in Jackpot, it is worth mentioning Elmer Sherwin. This American won 5 million dollars while playing at a ground casino. Interestingly, however, this machine was equipped with a progressive jackpot, so his reward increased to $ 26 million! When it comes to network games in jackpot vending machines, history knows A case of a gambler who put only 25 cents. This single coin turned into almost EUR 12 million in a short time! The record holder is also a player from Finland, who won the drums on the machine with one turn 18 million euros. It took him only a few seconds.


Not everyone can become a millionaire thanks to this function, but there are such people. They were not afraid to take on maximum bets, show patience and risk ability. As a result, they were awarded. Do you want to become one of them? At the Hex online casino, we offer a great opportunity to play online vending machines with the progressive jackpot function and see what you can win. Our list of free vending machines with this special function will satisfy every player, both new and experienced. We have collected the best free vending machines with many additional functions, as well as with the function of a progressive jackpot to give you a chance to learn everything about such games and prepare you to play for real money.

You have to play for real money on machinesif you want to use a progressive jackpot. So visit one of the online casinos listed on our website, focus on the game and get Jackpot as soon as possible!

Gambling games with jackpot

How to win a jackpot?

Just play and have some luck! Individual steps are choosing the right, proven and safe casino (preferably one of our partners). Then find a category of vending machines with progressive jackpot, check the list of payments of a specific machine and count on a smile of fortune!

What is jackpot?

Jackpot is simply a large, cumulative win that can be won by a gambling player playing on a casino machine. It most often occurs on video slots, but sometimes it happens to find this type of bonus in other casino competitions. Winning in Jackpot is definitely greater than other prizes offered by casinos.

What is progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpot is simply the amount of the prize, which is growing from each subsequent bet bet in a given game. The more people play, the greater the reward awaits one lucky one.

Can you win jackpot playing on the phone?

Yes of course! Many mobile versions of the most popular casino games have been equipped with Jackpot's favorite function. Interestingly, one of the winnings we provided in the table has been captured by a mobile phone!
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