Hot slot slot review and experience

There is a lot of talk about the productions of big players on the gambling scene. This review is to bring closer Slot for real money A hot slot, from the less known Barcrest studio. You will learn more about it about the studio itself, and also get information about the technical side of the slot. You will learn issues related to functions Automat online and its plot. At the very end, FAQ is waiting for you, and in it a few questions with the answers that you know well. We hope that our review will bring this successful slot well.

Technical informations

Hot Sot to Fruit, made in 3D graphics. It brings the 1980s, last century. The hot slot came from the hand of the little -known Barcrest studio, which is the Scentific Games brand, which is famous for creating great terminals for ground casinos for many years. The Hot Slot machine has a popular construction, i.e. 3 rows and 5 drums and 10 winning lines. RTP is 95.96%, while he is only 4.04%. The slot is very legible, despite many graphically beating the elements. Slot variation ranges between low and average, which does not prevent you from winning high winnings.

ProducerBarcrestMax win (tokens)250 000
Date of game release2020r.Scatterno
RTP95,96%Free turnoverno
Board3×5Bonus roundno
Winning lines10Win multiplierno
Number of rows3Progressive jackpotno
Number of drums5Gamble optionno
Auto Play optionsoFast game optionso
Min Bet0,1Max bet500

Game functions

Barcrest in his production Hot Slot, wanted to capture the simplicity of what happened. The mentioned simplicity is a reference to a tradition that always sells well because it is liked because of its character. When something is simple, it gives a lot of pleasure, because it does not require us to think about, for example, the conditions of a given bonus. And if so, we can just relax. We won't find a scatter in a hot slot, but we have Wild. We will not find multipliers and additional rounds, even risk games. This does not mean, however, that you can't win in a hot slot or play badly - it's just a different type of game. Among the technical functions of the slot we will find a popular fast game, i.e. an element that adds dynamics, consisting in the fact that we can stop the game at any time, ending the drum movement, at the point where they would stop, only majestic turnover. We also have an autoplay function, i.e. an option that will give us fingers, and the computer will do all the work, setting the drums in motion.

The plot of the game

In the hot slot, Barcrest moves us to the 1980s. We get a fruit with watermelon, plums, cherries or seven. However, the title was set in 3D graphics - a prettier, more advanced. The colors are very expressive, and the fruit is very pleasant to stand out against the background of the board. Barcrest actually moved us four decades, but he did it in an interesting way, adding a modern character - the treatment that all players love.


The hot slot is a production for classic lovers. There are many modern functions or even free revolutions. However, this is a proposal addressed to another group of players. Barcrest, the creator of the slot, has been creating casino terminals for years and has experience in it. No wonder that its production has such a shape, certainly the developer sensed that this players needed. No special rounds, low variation, and high wins. How did it manage to do Barcrest? It is not known, but this happened and it is pleased with players around the world.

Hot Slot od Barcrest FAQ

What is progressive jackpot?

Progressive jackpot is an additional win in the game that has no upper limit. The progressive suffix came from the fact that the prize pool is growing until someone hits the victorious combination.

What is the difference between jackpot and progressive jackpot?

The difference between these two additional pools lies in the fact that Jackpot as a pool is permanent, and progressive jackpot changes with subsequent games, until someone does not break the bank with their winning combination.

What is Wild?

Wild is a symbol that acts as a replacement for symbols. However, in some games his presence can bring different benefits. That is why it is worth reading the rules of the game.

What is Scatter?

Scatter is a symbol that allows you to win and more, as well as gives free turnover and triggers an additional round. Depending on the machine, its presence can be emphasized differently and can give some different effects. We always recommend reviewing the rules of a given game, because scratter scratter uneven.
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