Many people see Money games machines , wonders if it actually works. This comes from several important components. Stories about the great winners who became millionaires in a moment, as well as about the great losers who lost fortunes. People who live of it, as well as those who fell into gambling. The giant pools that one player takes, next to hundreds of thousands of small failures. All this raises more questions and doubts. The truth, however, lies, as it usually happens, somewhere in the middle. If you want to know if you can really win money when playing vending machines, you should work out step by step. And you won't learn some things anywhere else, so stay with us to the end. To work!

Reasons for failures - in general

It is worth remembering that Reasons for rare winnings are different. Ultimately, all the following elements make up the failure, and at the same time some of them allow you to pick a large pool. The RTP, variation, bonus rounds, but also the predispositions of a given player, as well as mathematics should be included in them. Proper understanding of the mechanism It will make us calmly endure victories and failures, as well as patiently await high winnings.

Happiness or mathematics?

The basis of each game on video machines always provides luck. There is no special programming here, it's just a lottery. Where does mathematics appear? At random games at every step. While in the case of table games we can calculate some things and on this basis predict by estimating the probability. So in the case of slots we talk only about happiness and premonitions. A lot of great, but also smaller failures are due to the fact that among most players it reigns no insight. Hounded with beautiful numbers they want to believe, they do not calculate how much they gain exactly, and how much they lose on a given machine. And the lack of balance sheet results in carelessness, just like in the case of Lotto - when we lose more than we win. In slots, mathematics is inexorable. Any drums in motion is a 50:50 chance to win. However, the probability of winning starts from 1: 5000 and ends up to 1: 34000000. So with each game we take the risk of this in the order.

Greed and lack of moderation

We can rarely observe the winners, also with some obviousness - people are greedy, and some simply do not know moderation. If we lose, we want to play And we continue to crush the money. Winning, in turn, encourages us to further play. Because since we won once, it will succeed again, after all, Pass is with us. Truth? To avoid frequent failures, you must fight these negative features. How to deal with greed? If we win, we receive the prize and leave the machine. We deal with lack of moderation by setting the border - I play for this amount and more. If we can't do that ourselves, let's set the casino limit.

Misunderstanding of concepts

By playing machines, you can win money, but you should properly understand some issues, which without getting acquainted with the topic can be understood properly. The first is Variation - Low means frequent but modest wins, and high rarer, but higher. However, luck is always the basis. The second is RTP, i.e. a return for the player. It is worth noting that gambling is an ordinary business - someone has to lose to win, someone could. RTP means our chance to win, but in relation to what we play. If it is 99%, this does not indicate that we have 99% chances for winning (small or large), and the fact that for 100 drum turns we will win 99 of them. Of course, the value is given for hundreds of thousands of games and applies to everyone at one time. However, this should not be understood as fraud, because RTP indicates a total number, but does not capture the value.

Multitude of functions

Additional functions in vending machines are what many like. They make the game more pleasant, make it more attractive, more fun, and also give another opportunity to win the next. It is worth remembering, however, that the probability of winning the basic game itself is quite low. Each additional risk or bonus round is characterized by another different value that has a real impact on victory. This means that we are gaining another chance for them, but at the same time we take another risk of losing not only the rate set but also the win. It is worth maintaining moderation And don't give yourself a few additional options.


Is it really possible to win money by playing machines? Can be! And it's not bad because they can reach, thanks to the jackpots, even a dozen or so million. However, remember to make each game consciously. We play not to win, but once it manages to withdraw it. Remember that happiness is usually once, and it is better not to abuse it. To win, it is good to choose the title settings and the production itself for your preferences. In order to be able to boast a large win, you must first of all aim at games with Jackpot, in which a large pool has accumulated. And yes, we can play a little longer. Let's try to collect the prize from each turn to a virtual wallet, and only from time to time, when the sur gathers, let's attempt to increase the sum in bonus rounds. It is possible to win on the machines, But this does not happen immediately and too often. Let's play in moderation.

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